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dcupl GmbH - App Development Platform for Data-Intensive Web Applications

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Peter-Behrens-Platz 2,
4020 Linz

dcupl is an app development platform for efficient development of data-intensive web applications, ensuring data quality and accelerating innovation for web developers and business users.

- Build your app with real data right from the start
- Safe costs by reducing time-to-market by half
- Increase data quality and gain vital insights

dcupl is a set of established, proven tools and services, built on the basis of long software engineering experience in countless complex digitalization projects. 

Based on the dcupl approach and its fundamental principles ...

- frontend first
- dual-speed
composable applications // composable data

... dcupl pursues the vision to build a toolkit that revolutionizes the software development process.

dcupl Success Stories


On the website https://dcupl.com/success-stories/ you get an impression of the possibilities with dcupl based on existing success stories. We would be happy to show you further examples in personal discussions in our office or remotely via video call.

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